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6th IEEE Latin-American Conference on Communications
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Session Program

TIME November 5th
07:30 Registration - Acreditation Opens
Republicano Room
8:30-10:20 Future of Optical Communication Systems and Networks - Part 1
10:20- 10:40 Coffee Break
10:40-12:30 Future of Optical Communication Systems and Networks - Part 2
12:30- 13:30
13:30-15:00 Trends in modern RF Spectrum Management - Part 1 - Carlos E. Caicedo Bastidas, PhD.
15:00-15:20 Coffee Break
15:20-17:00 Trends in modern RF Spectrum Management - Part 2 - Carlos E. Caicedo Bastidas, PhD.
17:00 - 18:00 IEEE ComSoc Young Leadership Workshop - Hikmet Sari, Neeli Prasad, Stefano Bregni
18:00 - 20:00 Welcome Reception
TIME November 6th
07:30 Registration - Acreditation
8:00-8:30 Welcoming & Opening Ceremony - Manzanillo Room
8:30-9:30 Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M) and enabling technologies Prof. NEELI PRASAD
9:30-10:30 Future of Networks Prof. MAURIZIO DECINA
10:30-11:00 Break
Republicano Room Manzanillo Room Colonial Room
Communications systems integration and modeling Signal Processing Communicacion Theory
11:00-11:20 132073 - The Grey Area in Wireless Communications: A Multiplatform Experimental Study 131019 - Evaluation and Compensation of Interchannel Interference Effects in a Nyquist-WDM System with LMS Equalization 130449 - Implementation of Encoders and Decoding Performance Analysis of Direct Product Convolutional Codes
11:20-11:40 131005 - ICI Reduction in OFDM Systems Using a New Family of Nyquist Pulses 131249 - Low PAPR and Spatial Diversity for OFDM Schemes by using L2-Orthogonal CPM ST-Codes with Fast Decoding 131213 - Hardware Implementation of Two Key Equation Solvers For Reed-Solomon Decoding
11:40-12:00 131239 - Multiuser MIMO Downlink Transmission Using Spatial Modulation 131289 - DCT-Compressive Sampling of Multifrequency sparse audio signals 132030 - Symbol-Flipping Decoding of Nonbinary LDPC Codes over BI-AWGN Channels
12:00-12:20 132770 - Multi-Stage Switching Networks for Waveguide Optical Technology 132767 - System for Estimation of Significant Height and Direction of Waves by Using Radar Intensities 131271 - Hybrid MIMO Schemes with MRT Precoding and Modified SIC Receiver
12:20-12:40 132712 - Compared Accuracy Evaluation of Estimators of Traffic Long-Range Dependence 132798 - Tensor Based Feature Detection For Recognition of Poorly Illuminated Objects 130715 - IEEE 802.11ac WLANs: A Performance Evaluation of Sphere Decoding and Lattice Reduction MMSE-SIC MIMO Detectors
12:40- 14:00 Lunch
Republicano Room Manzanillo Room Colonial Room
Energy-efficient protocols and networks  Emerging standards, trials and demonstrations Latinamerican Workshop on Communications
14:00-14:20 131027 - Energy-Efficient VoD Content Delivery and Replication in Integrated Metro/Access Networks 131237 - A New Structure for Sequential Detection and Maximum Entropy Spectral Estimator for Characterization of Volcanic Seismic Signals 131170 - Modeling of GSM Spectrum Based on Seasonal ARIMA model
14:20-14:40 131195 - 60 GHz Millimeter-wave Bottom-Layer Solutions: Multiplexing Access, Energy Awareness, and Peak-to-Average-Power Ratio 131997 - Performance of Collaborative Techniques for Simultaneous Sensing and Transmission in Cognitive Radio Networks 132700 - Testing the Delta Functions for Signal Path-Loss Modeling at Mid-Sized Urban Areas
14:40-15:00 131217 - Queue-Aware Optimal Frequency Selection for Energy Minimization in Wireless Networks 132772 - QoS Evaluation for End User Mobility for Accessing Classical and QKD Networks 132056 - Analyzing the optimum switching points for adaptive modulation in wireless networks with rayleigh fading
15:00-15:20 131247 - Traffic-aware Elastic Optical Networks to leverage Energy Savings 132782 - A Crowd Sensing Incentive Algorithm for Data Collection for Consecutive Time Slot problems 132756 - Models of Radio Propagation Performance in a LTE Network: Simulation in a Metropolitan Scenario Bogotá DC (Colombia)
15:20-15:40 132785 - TinySDN: Enabling Multiple Controllers for Software-Defined Wireless Sensor Networks 132809 - Continuous Spectrum Sensing and Transmission in MIMO Cognitive Radio Network 131302 - Performance Analysis of a Novel Photonically Amplified 10Gbit/s Radio over Fiber System
15:40-16:00 Break
Republicano Room Manzanillo Room Colonial Room
Communications and information security E-Health Latinamerican Workshop on Communications
16:00-16:20 131206 - An Approach for Security-SLA in Cloud Computing Environments 132716 - Real-time Pedestrian Tracking in Indoor Environments 132797 - A Simple Multifractal Model for Self-Similar Traffic Flows in High-Speed Computer Networks
16:20-16:40 131306 - Acoustic event localization on an Arduino-based wireless sensor network 132725 - Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) in the head of Google glasses and Bluetooth user's 132594 - A metamodel for MicroGrid communication networks
16:40-7:00 132799 - Near-Rand: Noise-based Location Obfuscation Based on Random Neighboring Points 132762 - Dynamic Background Subtraction for Fall Detection System using a 2D Camera 131207 - A Charac
17:00-17:20 131309 - Identifying Android Malware Instructions 132768 - Human Fall Detection with Smartphones 130596 - Providing Privacy through Anonymity in Location Based Services, A survey and novel solution proposal
17:20-17:40 131269 -Performance evaluation of a Volcano Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Networks 131046 - Design, Manufacturing and Characterization of Fixed Phase Shifters
17:40-18:30 Panel: Regulatory Trends on Spectrum Management - Manzanillo Room
TIME November 7th
8:00-9:00 Multiple Access and Power Efficiency in Wireless Communications Prof. Hikmet Sari SUPELEC
9:00-10:00 WiFi in sub-GHz Bands: Research Advances and Global Trials Prof. Edward Knightly Rice University
10:00-10:20 Break
Republicano Room Manzanillo Room
Communications systems integration and modeling II Radio Communications
10:20-10:40 130988 - A Flexible Mid-Term Frequency Domain Scheduler for Resource Allocation In Hetnets Based on the SINR Requested by Users 132720 - Beam-Shaped Radiation Pattern for Uniform Radiated Power Distribution
10:40-11:00 131260 - A Discrete-event Simulator for the Web of Thing from an Information Retrieval Perspective 132784 - Analysis of Graphene-Based Bow-Tie Antenna
11:00-11:20 132763 - Adaptive Evacuation Management System Based on Monitoring Techniques 132793 - Performance of Multiuser Diversity with Adaptive Modulation over Alpha-Mu Fading Channels
11:20 to 12:00 132791 - Modeling the frequency dispersion phenomena in GaN and GaAs devices for broadband data communication 131432 - Enhanced Spatial Modulation with Multiple Constellations and Two Active Antennas
12:00-12:20 132792 - Benefits of Elastic Spectrum Allocation in Optical Networks with Dynamic Traffic 131284 - THz electromagnetic graphene filter with dynamic control and low polarization dependence
12:20- 13:40 Lunch
Republicano Room Manzanillo Room
Telecom Quality of Experience  Radio Communications II
13:40-14:00 132735 - RAN-Aware Content Delivery, Proxy Optimizations & Offload in Cellular Wireless Networks 131263 - Performance of Interference Alignment techniques within CoMP-like systems
14:00-14:20 131218 - Analysis of the effects of CQI Feedback for LTE Networks on ns-3 131273 - Spectrum Monitoring System and Benchmarking of Mobile Networks Using Open Software Radios SIMONES
14:20-14:40/b> 131274 - A Detailed DVB-S2 Receiver Implementation: FPGA prototyping and Preliminary ASIC Resource Estimation 132606 - UHF-RF Link design for the mexican nanosatellite Ulises 1
14:40-15:00 131279 - An Adaptive Equalizer for Reliable Transmissions in DVB-S2 Satellite Communications Under ISI 132849 - Resource Management in Multicast OFDMA with Proportional Data Rate and BER Constraints
15:00-5:20 132779 - DVB-T2 Field Trials Results for Portable Indoor Reception in Colombia 130197 - Vector quantized phase shift analog beamformers for millimeter-wave systems
15:20-15:40 Break
Republicano Room Manzanillo Room
Wireless Communications
15:40-16:00 131003 - Predictive RAT-Selection Algorithm for Enhancing QoS in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks 132729 - The Impact of Massive Machine Type Communication Devices on the Access Probability of Human-to-Human Users in LTE-Based Networks
16:00-16:20 132946 - Test and monitoring of LTE network: a step towards low cost solutions based on NetFPGA 131316 - Convergent and Reconfigurable Optical-Wireless Network for LTE and Wi-Fi offloading Applications
16:20-16:40 131291 - A Case Study on Protocol Stack Integration for 3GPP LTE Evolved Node B 131185 - A Joint RSA Algorithm for Dynamic Flexible Optical Networking
16:40-17:00 132737 - Vulnerability Detection in 802.11i Wireless Networks Through Link Layer Analysis 132717 - Throughput analysis of P2P video streaming on single-hop wireless network
17:00-17:30 Best Paper Award - Adjuourn - Manzanillo Room



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